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Boarding Information:

Our goal is to be a home away from home for the pups to enjoy a low stress, enriched stay while their pet paw-rents are away!  We keep our boarding numbers low so that all dogs receive personalized attention and care. All dogs boarding are screened for the off leash environment so they can be out in a playgroup during the day.  

We suggest taking advantage of our free visit of daycare prior to a boarding sleepover, so your dog is comfortable with the facility and staff prior to staying. We also encourage all owners to work on kennel training with your pet kennel prior to boarding to make their stay more comfortable. 



Lodging Options:  

We have two options for your pet's overnight visits: 

1. Heavy duty Wire Kennels:  We use heavy duty commercial grade double locked wire kennels for our pups that are acclimated to kennels at home. based on your pet's size. Your pet has enough space to lay down, stand up and turn around comfortably. There's also enough room for a large blanket or bed along with a bowl of water. 

2. Suites: We have 4 x 6 and 5 x 6 ft suite rooms to suit all sizes of dogs or multiple dogs from the same family. We have enclosed suites for more privacy and open options for pups that are more comfortable with neighboring company. 

Is your pup staying for a visit with DDD?


To ensure a smooth transition, you are welcome to fill out the following form and email to

Boarding Intake Form

Please also fill out the medication release form if this is your dog's 1st time visiting or there has been a change with your pet's meds.

Medication Release Form

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