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Hear what our clients have to say about Downtown Doggy Daycare...

My dog Chopper LOVES to come to Daycare!  He's been going to Daycare 5 days a week since he was 12 weeks old.  Carrie and Mike really helped me get over my fears of leaving my pup in a place he's never been. Carrie and Mike are so patient and answer any and all questions. They offer advice if asked for it.  They will help socialize your dog with other dogs and humans.  Carrie and Mike will help to reinforce any obediance you're working on with your dog.  They won't try to teach a new trick (unless the parent gives permission) or re-teach one they already know.  You can call Carrie or Mike, and now Mary as often as you want with whatever questions you have and they are happy to help. Chopper gets so excited when I say "Ready to go to Daycare?" he runs to the door and gets all excited.  I'm so glad to have a place like Downtown Doggy Daycare where I KNOW my dog is in the best possible hands while I'm at work.

Mike Sigwalt

I travel frequently for my job and also work extensively in the evenings from home. Because of my work schedule I knew I wasn't spending enough time with my dog during the week, giving her the attention and the exercise she needed. I also wanted a place to kennel my dog where she would be free to run, play, and interact with other dogs during the day, and not be locked up in a room alone all day only to get an hour of personal time like with most other kennels. I found Downtown Doggie Daycare online, called, and set up an appointment to visit. Once I met Carrie, the owner, I could tell she was a real animal lover and would treat all her doggie clients very well. I arranged to have my dog's personality tested and once she showed she could get along well with the other dogs, I immediately signed her up for daycare and haven't looked back. Downtown Doggie Daycare is a godsend. I can bring my dog in the morning and pick her up in the afternoon knowing she has had a day full of fun and special attention. This year I am signing up for a full year of daycare so my dog can come everyday! I also exclusively kennel my dog with Downtown Doggie Daycare, knowing that when I am gone for a week or 2, my dog is well taken care of, gets lots of love, and still gets to play all day!

Alissa Jourdan


Downtown Doggy Daycare is well-run and staffed facility.  Merlin, the mastiff puppy, is excited to go and disappointed on the days that he doesn't get to play with his human and canine friends. Mike, Carrie, and Mary respond to requests and manage a well-mannered clientele of small to large friends.  I can't recommend this facility and staff enough. They are often the best part of our day; we are both happy to leave early in the morning and often happy and tired at the end of the day. 

Diane Morain

We started taking our rambunctious 3 1/2 year old German Shorthair to Downtown Doggy Daycare shortly after it opened. Whether to give her a day to "blow off steam" or to have a babysit while we're out of town, DDD is most certainly Gracie's favorite place to be! Carrie and the crew not only pamper Gracie, but entertain her wildest doggie adventures! She always comes home totally wiped out, which is the best medicine for a city dog! We not only trust Carrie and her crew to give Gracie the best care ever, but we know that she is loved while spending her day with other four-legged friends. I would recommend DDD to anyone looking to have their dog acclimated to other pets, burn off energy, or just have a little vacation away from their owners! We couldn't be happier with DDD and our friends who love Gracie each and every visit!

Rachel Eubank


My dog and I moved to Des Moines from San Diego when he was 1 year old.  He had more energy than he knew what to do with and a very small backyard.  In winter, he hated the cold weather but liked the snow.  Staying inside during the winter nearly drove him and me crazy.  He chewed 8 holes in my walls - one all the way to the stud.  I was desparate for an "energy outlet."  I found Downtown Doggy Day Care through the web and contacted them.  Since we started attending, my dog's disposition is much improved and he loves day care.  I believe he is well taken care of during the day and watching him on the web cam would support this.  In addition, Carrie and Mike have been wonderful in accomodating my schdule when my dog needs to attend on a off scheduled day.  I would recommed Downtown Doggy Day Care to anyone.

Mary Elizabeth Stivers

Downtown Doggy Daycare is far more than daycare for our beloved Apollo: It is his second home.  He runs in every morning, enthustically greeting his K-9 buddies, and the dedicated staff that care for him as if he was their own.  The care and level of attention provided is far beyond what the job of running daycare implies. Without exception, we have been updated on his progress in terms of behavior, energy level, and health, by knowledgeable and astute caretakers.  The level of attention is evidenced further by the fact that illness, no matter how mild, has never gone unnoticed, and by the degree to which Apollo loves and respects his caretakers.

A strong and dominant breed by nature, inherently suspicious and aloof of strangers, human or otherwise, the Cane Corso requires much socialization early, and on an ongoing basis. He has flourished since joining Downtown Doggy-Daycare, and is without exception calm, comfortable and self-assured in new situations and around people or dogs of any denomination.  Enrolling Apollo at the Downtown Doggy Daycare is without doubt the best thing we have ever done for him.  He gets the exercise, structure, socialization, and re-direction that we would not be able to provide with working schedules, and he is a much happier dog as a result.  We are grateful beyond words to the dedicated staff that passionately and tirelessly put all their efforts into caring for, and improving the life of the dogs under their care.

Dr. Einar K. Arason

My first impression of Downtown Doggy Daycare was fantastic.  The employee's and the facility were great.  I have been taking my dog there for over a year and a half now and she loves every minute of her time at daycare.  When I put my dog in the car and tell her we are going to daycare she goes absolutely nuts in anticipation of getting there and being able to spend time with all of her four legged friends.  She is always so happy when I go to pick her up and you can tell she had an awesome day. The staff at Downtown Doggy Daycare are wonderful and extremely accommodating.  I have also boarded my dog here and would do it again in a heartbeat. I know that the staff took very good care of her during her overnight stay.  I can't say enough about this place and would recommend Downtown Doggy Daycare to anyone that was interested in a daycare or a boarding facility.

Brittany Biermann


Rich and I have been bringing our dog Kaiser to "Downtown Doggy Daycare" for almost a year now and our other dog Kopper, for 6 months.  They are both energetic dogs and they love the exercise they get here, through the games they play with the other dogs and the staff.  Daycare has helped to socialize Kaiser with people and other dogs which he had little off in the first 8 mos of his life (he was 8 months old when we adopted him) and it has helped to make a better pet and walking companion.  Carrie and Mike treat Kaiser and Kopper like their own and our pups love coming here to play and run. Doggy Daycare has been a wonderful experience for both our dogs and us!"

Michelle Tustison and Rich Cooper


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