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Services & Pricing



The "Pay Now" option is for  clients needing to update their pass or pay for a boarding stay, extra services or gift cards.


DAYCARE PASSES: Please select the option from the drop down box.


BOARDING OR EXTRA SERVICES: Please email or call us at 515-288-0957 for your invoice total. Enter this amount in the price box. 

GIFT CARDS: Put the gift card amount in the price box. In the instruction box, please put gift card for "pet parent or dog's name." We will  email you regarding delivery options. 


Feel free to contact us with any questions! 

Doggy Daycare Pricing

Single Visits:​

Half day (less than 6 hours):   $17

Full day:                                   $25

Daycare Passes:


10 half day pass:                     $160 ($16/half day)

15 half day pass:                     $225 ($15/ half day)

Your dog receives a free nail trim coupon with a half day pass.


5 day pass:                             $120 ($24/day)

10 day pass:                           $235 ($23.50/day)

20 day pass:                           $460 ($23/day)

Your dog receives a free nail trim coupon with the purchase of a 5 or 10 day pass. Two free nail trim coupons are provided with a 20 day pass. 

Daycare passes must be used within 6 months from date of purchase and are non refundable. 

Daycare passes are not eligible for the multi-dog discount unless more than one pass is purchased.  

Multi-dog Discount: Receive 10% off the second dog's pass when you purchase more than one pass. 

​Extra Services:

Nap Time Treats:                    $4 (+tax) per treat 
Options include peanut butter or hard treat Kong® or all natural frozen yogurt treats. Made fresh using quality ingredients with no additives or preservatives (Peanut Butter and Banana)

Boarding Pricing

Kennel Boarding:​ (per dog)

1-3 days:                             $39/night

4-6 days:                             $37/night

7 or more days:                   $35/night

Kennel boarding is in standard wire kennel suitable for your dog's size in our boarding room. Your pup is provided with fresh water, comfortable bedding, dimmed lights and soft music during their stay with us. Daycare is included in this price, so your pet receives group play during the day.

Suite Boarding: (per dog)

1-3 days:                                $44/night

4-6 days:                                $42/night

7 or more days:                      $40/night

Suite boarding is in a large suite (4' x 4' for small dogs and 5 'x 6' for medium to large dogs.) Your pup is provided with fresh water, comfortable bedding, dimmed lights and soft music during their stay with us.

For owners with multiple dogs there is a 20% discount on each ADDITIONAL dog(s) stay after the first dog.

DROP OFF AND PICK UP DATES: Charges for drop off and pick up dates are different than the normal rate and based on time.


Drop off before 2 pm:    Full boarding rate

Drop off after 2 pm:       Deduct $8 from boarding rate

Drop off after 5 pm:       Deduct $25 from the boarding rate


Pick up by 9 am:             No charge for the pickup date

Pick up 9 am-12 pm:      Partial boarding charge of $17 for pick up date

Pick up after 2 pm:         Partial boarding charge of $25 for pick up date

Meals: (if we provide food) 

Feeding of 2 cups:                    $3/meal (+ tax) 

​​ Additional $1 (+tax) for any feeding amount over 2 cups. We provide Taste of Wild® food. 


Meal Topper                              $4/meal (+ tax) 

We will provide your dog with an appetizing meal topper to add to their meal consisting of healthy veggies and lean meats.  


Tuck in Treat:                       $ 4/night (+ tax)

A frozen peanut butter treat sandwich before bedtime.

Pup-Date:                               $6/per pup date (+ tax)

Receive a text update with a photo. Limit of 2 per day.

Movie and Pup-corn:             $6/per movie/snack (+ tax)

Your pup will enjoy an hour of movies and pup-corn during naptime.

All bathing services are taxed.


1-15lbs:                                           $14
15-30lbs:                                         $17
Over 30lbs:                                      $22



Nail Trimming:                                 $14

Nail grinding:                                   $17

Teeth brushing:                                $ 6
Ear Cleaning:                                   $ 6

​Brush out:                                        $  5
Furminator® Treatment*:                 $22

The Furminator® treatment is a de-shedding tool that eliminates the undercoat of dogs and decreases shedding, dander and allergens. The tool removes the loose undercoat without cutting the dog's hair. This is not a de-matting treatment. If a dog has mats, we will not be able to perform the Furminator treatment.

Basic Spa Day (includes bath, brush, nails, ear cleaning and teeth brushing):

15 pounds and under:                      $27
16 to 30 pounds:                              $30
31 pound and above:                       $34

Full Service Spa Day (includes Basic Spa Day services plus Furminator®  treatment):

​15 pounds and under:                      $37
16 to 30 pounds:                              $40
31 pounds and above:                     $44

Bathing and Other Services
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