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Would you rather your pooch or kitty stay in the comfort of your home while you are away? We now offer in home pet sitting services! We will provide quality in home care that caters to your fur babies' needs. We will ensure your pet is showered with attention so they do not get lonely, bored or stressed while you are out. All prices are a range and will be confirmed at the consultation.


Services Provided:

  • Feeding your dog(s) or cat(s) according to their schedule and their usual diet

  • Ensuring fresh water is available to your pet at all times

  • Giving necessary medication

  • Providing potty breaks or walks

  • Lots of playtime, special attention and pampering

  • Turning on/off lights, bringing in mail, watering plants, taking garbage out, etc.

  • Cleaning the litter box (for our kitty clients)

  • Providing daily notes and updates



Nightly Rate per household-not per pet


A Tail Wag- (30 minutes)- A sitter will visit your home and let your pooch out for potty time along with refresh the water bowl and provide some special attention and pampering time.                                                                                                                



Yappy hour- (1 hour)- This is an extension of the half a yappy hour service and also includes additional services such as watering plants, checking mail, etc.                                                                          


Slumber "Pawty"- (night in your home for a 12 hour period)-A sitter will stay in your home overnight for a 12 hour period from late evening to early morning. Overnights include feeding and watering, administering medication (as needed), playtime, pampering time, daily notes and updates.


Live-In Nanny: This allows our pet sitters to live at your house and be with your furry friend every

moment they get.                                                                                                                                                 



Almost  Slumber "Pawty"-(3 hour visit in the evening along with an hour visit in the morning)-A sitter will visit your home for a 3 hour period in the evening  along with a 30 minute visit in the morning. The same services as an overnight visit will be provided except the sitter will not stay the night.   



Consultation-Our initial consultation meeting takes place in your home. During this meet and greet, we will get to know you and your pet(s) and devise  an in-home care plan to ensure your pet’s routine stays as normal as possible.                                                                                                                                  



Taxi Service-This allows you to have no limit on where your dog can go while you’re away. We are able to take them to services such as daycare, he dog park, veterinarian visits, or even the groomers! Prices are quoted at consultation.                                                                                             Typically Between $5-$15


Package Rate #1: This combines our Slumber “Pawty” with our Yappy Hour during the day.                                                                                 $70-75


Package Rate #2: This combines our Almost Slumber “Pawty” with our Yappy Hour during the day.                                                                     $75-80


Holiday surcharges-There is an additional $10 charge per visit for holidays. 

Holidays include New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas.


Mileage-Additional charges for visits outside a 10-15 mile radius of the daycare.


Cancellations- There is a cancellation fee (based on services being provided) if notice is not given at least 24 hour prior to visit or 72 hour notice for holidays.

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