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Top Dog of the Month: Medium Dog Room



olive top dog .png

Name: Olive

Nicknames: Ollie, Ollie Pops

How old? 3

When did they come live with you? 8 weeks old

Any siblings(animal or human?) Maxie the black lab and her toddler siblings, Connor and Maggie

Favorite place? Under Maggie's highchair

Which one best: Outside or inside? Outside!

Dog parks, Nap times, or Spa Day? Dog parks and naps

Favorite place to sleep? On mom's pillow

Favorite food dog or human kind? Her brother's peanut butter waffles

Favorite toy at home? Anything she can find, will even grab a hosta leaf outside to play fetch

Favorite thing to do? Fetch

Favorite person or best friend? Follow mom everywhere, but love playing fetch with my neighbor who is a former Iowa QB.

Watching my figure or YOLO (Picky eater or "starving all the time?") YOLO, will even eat lettuce

I always am... Ready to play fetch

Loves getting pets or just a loner? Pets all day

Introvert vs extrovert? Extrovert once she shows how tough she is

Funny characteristics: Likes to sleep on mom's face

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