Top Dog of the Month: Medium Dog Room



Peach Paw Prints Border Pet Photo Collag

Name: Murray

Nicknames: The Murricane! Also, Blurry Murray. You guys know- he never does slow down when there is excitement to be had!

How old? 5 years old

When did they come live with you? Murray came to live with us when he was just a puppy. My sister passed away unexpectedly and Murray came to us just days later. He has been my joy and best friend ever since!

Any siblings(animal or human?)  Not yet

Favorite place? Downtown Doggy Daycare and the Windsor Heights dog park

Which one best: Outside or inside? Did you say OUTSIDE?!?

Dog parks, Nap times, or Spa Day? Dog park! (So that his humans get naps)

Favorite place to sleep? Wherever his humans are. He has serious FOMO and cant chance missing anything.

Favorite food dog or human kind? CHEESE

Favorite toy at home? Stuffed chicken. Its the only stuffed toy that has lived, so we own 7.

Favorite thing to do? Walkies around the neighborhood to catch up on all the news

Favorite person or best friend? I tell myself its me (Mom-Whitney).

Watching my figure or YOLO (Picky eater or "starving all the time?") Eats literally anything. Broccoli, leaves, and rabbit poop? Yup.

I always am… Ready for anything. Walk, car ride, game of fetch or defending the homestead from bandits? It might look like I am sleeping, but that is a lie. Just ask the UPS guy. 

Loves getting pets or just a loner? All the pets please! Especially butt scritches. 

Introvert vs extrovert? Extrovert. Hates being alone. Other dogs are cool but humans are the best to Murray!

Funny characteristics: Ignoring him? He will come up behind you and wriggle between your feet to throw you off balance and demand your attention. Anjy posted a pic of him doing this to her at DDD! Shown above!

Misc stories about their past etc.:  Murray MUST fetch his ball and be friends with everyone at any cost! He knocked out his own front tooth playing fetch, and destroyed a large metal gate chasing his new weird looking dog friend (deer). True to form he doesn’t understand why he isn’t allowed to go play with those funny looking dogs (coyotes-see pics-they live on our property).