Top Dog of the Month: Small Dog Room

Name: Lexi Lou 

Nicknames: none really, her name is already so cute!

How old? 6 and a half


When did they come live with you? at 10 weeks old, rescued from Panora Pets. She was the cutest little 3lb thing ever


Any siblings (animal or human?) no siblings, she prefers to be the queen of the castle


Favorite place? Rolling around in mom's bed in the morning while the sheets are still warm


Which one best: Outside or inside? she LOVES being outside, especially rolling in the grass


Dog parks, Nap times, or Spa Day? nap times! 


Favorite place to sleep? in the sun or on mom's clean laundry


Favorite food dog or human kind? Lexi loves human food. Especially drinking the milk leftover in the cereal bowl. She doesn't really beg...she just sits almost on top of you until the cereal is gone; she knows its hers!


Favorite toy at home? A little stuffed zebra she got when she was a puppy. It's the only toy she hasn't destroyed!


Favorite thing to do? Go on walks, play outside, or take naps  


Watching my figure or YOLO (Picky eater or "starving all the time?") She would eat all day long if she could


Loves getting pets or just a loner? She loves getting pets, but you need to keep petting her for her to snuggle with you....or she'll leave haha


Introvert vs extrovert? She's both...but she likes attention on her terms only. Diva. It actually said that very thing in her rescue profile. As soon as I read it, I knew she was meant to be mine!


Funny characteristics: She likes to lick things. EVERYTHING... the couch, the floor, clothes...everything.  


Misc stories about their past etc.: One of the funniest things she's done is in the attached picture. I got her a soft traveling kennel for the car, and I look in the back seat at the end of the ride and her little head is popping out. She chewed a hole in it! She was quite proud of herself, haha!

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Please no walk ins. We kindly ask that you schedule an appointment. Thank you! 



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