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Top Dog of the Month: Small Dog Room

chloe top dog.png

 Name: Chloe Jo, Chlo jo, cinco jr, ( chloes moms name is cinco jo), alligator due to showing teeth to Bejai.

Chloe is 7; We’ve had chloe since April 2014.

Chloe has four other beagles that lives with her Tae, Zoey, Rj, and Bejai. Plus Grammy and me

Her favorite place is the couch.

Chloe prefers the inside.

Chloe loves taking naps.She’s actually lazy!

Chloe sleeps with Grammy

Chloe loves all kinds of food.

She loves her stuffed animal toys to carry around.

She loves her Grammy!

Her favorite thing is sleep.

Chloe loves to eat and we can’t have food put out for the others to snack on. She will eat it up.

Chloe is always bugging. Especially if she thinks she’s gonna get something.

She loves getting snuggles and petted. She hates the puppy Bejai. She loves nudging you to get your attention.

Chloe definitely is an introvert. She’s rather be left alone.

When Chloe was younger she would allow anyone to have toys. She wld take them away from everyone.

When Chloe was a puppy she brought in a bunny head and teased her brother Rj with it.

The older she gets the lazier she gets.

She loves daycare and can’t wait to go.

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