Top Dog of the Month: Small Dog Room

Name: Benedick

Nicknames: Benny, Best Boy, Thicc boy

How old? 4 years old

When did they come live with you? 2015

Any siblings(animal or human?) Dog sister Beatrice 

Favorite place? DDD. He really loves going to daycare & gets annoyed when his sister is being dramatic and makes them late leaving.

Which one best: Outside or inside? Outside

Dog parks, Nap times, or Spa Day? I think I want dog parks but I’m very shy

Favorite place to sleep? In bed with my Mama

Favorite food dog or human kind? Dandelions and hair ties followed by human food

Favorite toy at home? Socks but I also love a good squeaky toy I can destroy

Favorite thing to do? Ride in the car with the windows down. It’s a real zen moment for him.

Favorite person or best friend? My sister Beatrice but don’t you tell her that!

Watching my figure or YOLO (Picky eater or "starving all the time?") YOLO....did I mention in addition to my favorite foods that I eat paper, cardboard and anything else that I can sneak off with

I always am... trying to be brave but I fail because I’m actually scared of everything.

Loves getting pets or just a loner? Loves getting pets, just very awkward at it

Introvert vs extrovert? Introvert! 

Funny characteristics: Benny has a very awkward greeting dance he does when he meets new dogs and even cats! Lots of goofy waggles and funny faces. He’s just socially awkward & it’s adorable.

Misc stories about their past etc.: Benny and his sister Bea are named after the main characters in Much Ado About Nothing (Benedick and Beatrice) and have an Instagram called Much Ado about Dogs.

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