Top Dog of the Month: Small Dog Room

Name: Tae


Nicknames: Momma Tae, Raider, Tatoraider, Tae Tae, and Tator Tot I heard Becca call her this


Full name (if registered or have a middle name): Tailey Tae Trogdon


How old? 9


When did they come live with you? We’ve had Tae since a puppy


Any siblings(animal or human?) Momma Jamie, Grammy Cheryl, Zoey, Rj, Chloe


Favorite place? Home and Daycare


Which one best: Outside or inside?  Both – Tae loves being outside laying in the grass on nice day or running in the snow in the winter months.


Dog parks, Nap times, or Spa Day? 

Tae really loves the spa days getting pawpered and smells really good when she comes home. She loves napping on her corner of the couch.  Tae had ACL surgery last March due to her brother RJ pushing her off the deck.  Grammy Cheryl spoiled Tae by putting her on the couch and now she claims that spot as hers.  If you are sitting there she will demand you down by staring at you or howling to get out of her spot.  She then expects to be lifted up.  Gotta love her!


Favorite place to sleep?

Moms room on her doggy couch bed.  Tae knows how to bring down my comforter when she gets cold.


Favorite food dog or human kind? 

Ground Turkey & Kibble

Fresh pet chicken or beef mixed with kibble

These acronyms listed below is what we ask Tae if she wants to go bye bye to get them.

ECB – Egg Cheese Biscuit

WRC – Whole Rotisserie Chicken

PL – Puppy Latte

Favorite toy at home? Stuffed animals with squeakers, Extra small Kong balls which Grammy Cheryl has to peel the fuzzy stuff off.  Tae use to do it herself but now demands Grammy to do it for her.  Can you say spoiled??


Favorite thing to do? Getting her ears twirled, Bark at people walking by at home, Going Bye Bye to get an ECB or puppy latte, Going to daycare, Hanging out on the back deck weather permitting


Favorite person or best friend? Tae loves her family!! Zoey is here bff! If Zoey comes up missing Tae has a fit.


Watching my figure or YOLO (Picky eater or "starving all the time?") HAHAHA Tae is a beagle! They love to eat!! Tae loves her Nubs, non-rawhide treats sweet potato nots, and chicken sticks


I always am... Tae is always on the rage!  This how she got the nickname raider! It’s either Tae’s way or the highway.

She will yell at us (howling) when she doesn’t get her way or start doing skateboard moves.  When she was a puppy every night she would run through the house jump the couch in a skateboard move and repeat. She literally spit nails at Grammy Cheryl one day.  I came home from work and there were nails all over the floor.  Mom pinned her up in the kitchen to go to work.  Um not Tae! Puppy or not she will not be confined without revenge. She shredded a ten pound bag of potatoes, nibbled the corners off the wooden fireplace and shook a rice mix all over the floor just from being pinned in the kitchen.


Loves getting pets or just a loner? Tae loves being around her brother and sisters.  When she wants to be left alone she will go behind the couch.  She loves to snuggle.


Introvert vs extrovert? Both! When she wants attention, eat or torment, or cuddle she will be out and about.  If she is tired and wants to be left alone she will go behind the couch and give you the look of don’t bother me.


Funny characteristics: Being mouthy and demanding for a nubz; Jumping up and down for her food; Raiding when you won’t pay attention to her; Rubbing and rolling around the floor; Playing ball bouncing it off the walls or furniture; Don’t let the ball get stuck under the couch...She will let you know about it; Kicking Grammy off the couch when she wants her corner


Misc stories about their past etc.:  We got Tae for our older beagle Bailey who passed away.  Tae brought so much joy to Bae and our lives.  We needed laughter after my father passed away.  Tae certainly brought it.  It’s like she was a gift from above.  We got Zoey for companionship for Tae as we knew Bae had failing health issues. Bae hated Zoey though.  Then my Aunt gave us Rj as he is Zoey’s sister.  These three are a blast together.  They have so much fun getting into trouble together.  Tae is like the big sister if you don’t take me I will tell.  Then my aunt got another beagle Chloe who we ended up with as well.   This crew is inseparable and Tae is the momma of this pack.    Momma Tae rolls with the flow and expresses her concerns if things don’t go her way.  She loves yelling at all of us.  We love our Tae!!

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