Holiday Activities and Addons

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Secret Santa:  

Want your pup to paw-ticipate with their pup friends in a Secret Santa drawing!? Please fill out this form below if you want to join the fun. We are limiting the max amount per gift to $25.  Please submit the form by December 10th. The DDD staff will draw for you on December 11th. You will receive an email shortly after to see who we drew for you!

Please bring in your gifts by December 17th. You can start picking them up on December 20th.

Sign up here:







Christmas Dinner:

Don't want your pup to miss out on the holiday festivities for Christmas?

Spoil them with a dog friendly Christmas Meal Topping that we are offering to either give to your pup(s) while they are boarding or take home!

The Christmas Meal is a turkey veggie casserole with a pumpkin fro-gurt treat for dessert. The casserole will have ground turkey with sweet potatoes and green beans. The fro-gurt treat will be greek yogurt and pumpkin frozen with a treat topper.

The small dog portion will be a 1/2 cup of casserole with pie for $10.

The large dog portion will be a 1 cup of casserole with pie for $12.

Sign up here for take home meals until Dec.18th:






“Christmas Tail”Stocking or Gift:

Want to make Christmas extra special from Santa to your favorite pup?  Santa has hired us to help him out this Holiday season by making personalized stockings  stuffed with your pup’s favorite toys and treats.  You can get one to take home to your pup or you can sign up for them to get one while boarding. It will be $25 (plus tax) for the personalized  "Christmas Tail" stocking.


Sign up here until Dec. 16th:









Meeting Santa Paws and Photo:

Santa Paws is coming to town and will be sticking around for a quick visit after Christmas! He will be visiting DDD for photos on Sun ., 12/26 from 12 to 2 pm.  There are limited spots so make sure to sign up soon. There is a sign up sheet in the lobby for this event. 

We will be offering the option to purchase the Santa Paws package. This is a 4/x 6 printed photo, digital copy and a cookie for your pup. The package is $20 (plus tax.)

For multi-dog families, the Santa Paws Plus package includes 4 x 6 photo, digital copy and 2 cookies. The package is $23 (plus tax.)

We will have a form to fill out at the event to order the Santa Paws packages. 50% of our proceeds will go to Animal Lifeline of Iowa.

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