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Top Dog of the Month: Large/4th Room

Gray Pet Paw Print Terrier Dog Puppy Pho

Name: Zadie 

Nicknames: Zadie Girl, Zades

Full name (if registered or have a middle name): Zadie May Mehrhoff

How old? 6

When did they come live with you? She was very little (12 weeks?) from an ARL foster home 

Any siblings(animal or human?) dog: Kate Middleton, human: Mary Grace 

Favorite place? Mom and Dad's bed or outside 

Which one best: Outside or inside? Outside

Dog parks, Nap times, or Spa Day? Dog parks

Favorite place to sleep? Mom and Dad's bed

Favorite food dog or human kind? Eggs and bacon

Favorite toy at home? Rope or tug rings

Favorite thing to do? Run or have my back side rubbed

Favorite person or best friend? Dad 

Watching my figure or YOLO (Picky eater or "starving all the time?") Who has time to eat? There are squirrels to bark at! 

I always am... HAPPY!

Loves getting pets or just a loner? Zadie is a lover and very snuggly.

Introvert vs extrovert? Extrovert with a serious case of FOMO

Funny characteristics: Zadie likes to roll in anything that smells.

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